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You’re Never Too Old to Get Fit

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Your limbs, joints, and muscles may not work quite like they used to, but this is no reason to count yourself out of the family volleyball game. No matter how old you are, a personal trainer in Tucson can help you improve your shape. Keep reading to find out why you’re never too old to get fit.

Benefits of Activity

Working with a personal trainer can help you to improve your general well being in a number of ways. Older adults who work out may experience lower cholesterol, improved balance, and enhanced mobility. Exercising will also release endorphins in your brain that will keep your spirits lifted. The active you stay, the better chances you have of increasing your bone density and decreasing your blood pressure, both of which may improve your health overall.

Drawbacks of Inactivity

Even if you think you have passed your working out window, it is important to realize that people of all ages can exercise. Failing to remain active can lead to the development of osteoporosis, weaker bones, and the necessity of different kinds of medicines. Certain elderly individuals may be afraid of working out because they worry that they might fall and break a bone. Fortunately you can tailor your exercise routine to meet any personal needs that you might have. It can also be helpful to work with a personal trainer.

Working with a Personal Trainer

Some people want to exercise but are not sure about how to go about doing so. It can be helpful for people of any age to work with a personal trainer and establish a healthy and effective workout routine. Your personal trainer will be familiar with various different types of exercises and able to pick out the right ones for you.

If you are looking to get fit, feel free to call the Personal Training Institute at (520) 297-8280 or stop in and see us. We are a fitness center in Tucson that offers personal training for one-on-one exercise routines. For more information about our personal trainers or the benefits of personal training, feel free to visit our website today.

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Health Initiatives?

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The workday does not have to be a drag, and some companies are taking active steps to make sure that their employees are happy and healthy by working with fitness centers in Tucson. This leads to more productive workers thanks to their corporate fitness program. Here is a brief overview of some of the benefits of corporate health initiatives.

Happier and Healthier Employees

Working out with a personal trainer at a fitness center can substantially improve your health. Healthier people also tend to be happy compared to those who are not in great health. As an employer, you will want your employees to be happy and healthy because they will find more enjoyment in coming to work. When your employees are eager and warmed to the task at hand, you can enjoy a more productive workplace.  

More Productive Work

Employees who regularly visit their local fitness center may be more likely to make the most of their time at work. Happier and healthier employees will be energized and prepared to work at full capacity. Unhealthy employees, on the other hand, may be more inclined to remain immobile. Corporate health initiatives can help to combat obesity as well as reduce the time employees take out of their workdays to use tobacco products. Since exercise improves mood, employees may also be more likely to put out their best effort and avoid workplace conflicts.

Increased Recruiting Power

In today’s job market, perks, benefits, and culture are often as important as salary is to qualified job seekers. Offering a unique and impactful perk such as a corporate health initiative will help your company attract the type of job seeker who is healthy and driven to be his or her best self, and who doesn’t want someone like that on their team?

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of corporate health initiatives? If you are, contact Personal Training Institute or visit our website. Our fitness center in Tucson is proud to provide personal training service to enhance your workout. Please do not hesitate to stop in and see us or call us at (520) 297-8280 to learn more about our services today.

How to Break Through Training Plateaus

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If you’ve been working with a Tucson personal trainer for some time and have yet to hit a training plateau, then you should consider yourself lucky. A training plateau is a point in which you are no longer progressing in your workouts. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as training too much, not training enough, not eating enough, or changing your workouts too often.

Hitting a plateau

Reaching a plateau in your training is quite common, so you shouldn’t worry too much when this happens. Essentially, your body becomes accustomed to a certain caloric intake and the stresses you have placed upon it through your training. As a result, you may lack strategic modification in your personal training program to progress further. For example, if you fail to adjust your caloric intake, your metabolism may suddenly require more calories to fuel muscle growth.

Identifying signs of plateau

A very common sign you are entering the overtraining stage is when you suddenly experience loss in overall strength. This is a sign that your body cannot properly recover and grow more muscle tissue. You may also notice that your muscle growth has slowed or that your face has been feeling flush recently, as this can indicate stress from over-training.

Working through a plateau

If you hit a plateau, you can quit, keep training at the same level, or break through this plateau. Like most trainees, you will likely choose the last option and change your program design. However, this doesn’t mean simply doing the opposite of what you are doing right now. Instead, change one to two small things, which you can accurately trace back to what caused the plateau in the first place. You can then assess whether these small changes made a difference in the next week.

At Personal Training Institute, our Tucson personal training programs are based on 30 years of proven medical and scientific research. Our exclusive program of exercise and nutrition has held tens of thousands reach their fitness goals. To contact a Tucson personal trainer today, please call (520) 297-8280.

Correcting Common Weight Training Mistakes Among Women

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147533389Women are starting to hit the gym in record numbers. In fact, a new study found that weight-training injuries among women have increased by 63 percent, as reported in Womens Health Magazine. As a woman, if you’re looking to join the fitness world, it’s a good idea to work with a Tucson personal trainer to ensure you avoid some of the most common weight training mistakes.

Skipping the warm-up

Just as you wouldn’t launch into a sprint the second you get onto a treadmill, you also shouldn’t immediately engage in deadlifts the moment you enter the weight room. Targeting your muscles when they are still cold and stiff can actually lead to sprains and tears. Warming up ahead of time helps increase the circulation to your muscles, which will help improve your range of motion and prepare your muscles and joints for action.

Using poor form

The single most important factor in preventing injuries is using proper form. However, many female workers don’t consider form, especially when they are in a hurry. If you are a woman, then your naturally wider hips put you at a higher risk for form-related injuries than men. When you begin an exercise, think of the acronym “S.E.A.K.” This means you should stand straight, eyes on the horizon, abs tight, and knees over your second toe.

Stressing your shoulders

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, women who lift weights have less-stable shoulder joints than women who don’t lift. The reason is that weight lifting involves pulling your elbows behind your body, which can overstretch the connective tissue in the front of your joints. You can fix this mistake by ensuring your elbows don’t extend more than two inches behind your body and avoid positioning the bar over your head.

For more information about proper training techniques, contact Personal Training Institute at (520) 297-8280. All of our Tucson personal training programs were developed by an exercise physiologist and our nutrition programs were developed by a Registered Dietitian. Additionally, all of our trainers are internally certified and hold one or more national certificates.

Is High-Intensity Interval Training Right for You?

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Different people prefer different methods of working out. Working with a personal trainer helps you find the style that works the best for your needs. Keep reading to learn about high-intensity interval training to find out if it is the right kind of workout for you:

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a workout designed around burning a huge amount of calories in a short amount of time. You do a series of intense circuits with short periods of rest to get your body working harder. Not only do you burn a lot of calories during the workout, but your body continues to burn these calories even after you have finished exercising.

A Whole-Body Workout

The intensity of a HIIT workout helps you get the most out of your personal training session. It burns calories and fat and continues to do so for about 24 hours after your workout. HIIT is a great way to lose weight, tone up, and improve your heart health so you feel and look better on a daily basis. When you work with a trainer, he or she can show you the exact movements that you need to do to reach your fitness goals.

Effective Workouts in Less Time

If you have a busy schedule, HIIT might be the right kind of workout style for you. HIIT is quick. If you do a HIIT workout for 15 minutes 3 times a week, you can see more progress than if you jogged on a treadmill for one hour. In just 2 weeks, HIIT helps you boost your aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 weeks of intensive endurance training.

Come to Personal Training Institute to find your ideal workout style and start seeing results. Our personal trainers are here to help you on your journey toward health and wellness. Whether you are just starting out in the gym or you feel like it is time to try something new, we will help you achieve your goals. To learn more, visit us online or call (520) 297-8280.

Great Ways to Get Enough Protein After Your Workout

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Protein is an important element of your diet that can help your muscles heal after a workout. Keep reading for some ideas about how to get the protein you need to recover after a tough workout with your personal trainer:

Have a Protein Shake

Protein shakes are delicious ways to get protein. Use whey protein, water, and a half of a banana to make a shake that is delicious and nutritious after your workout. For 250 calories, this snack gives you a hearty serving of protein and some carbohydrates that will help your body bounce right back after exercising.

Combine Peanut Butter and Banana

Another great way to get protein and healthy carbohydrates after a workout is to put peanut butter and ½ a banana. You can use a rice cake instead of bread to get more fiber from your snack. Eating fruits with high amounts of sugar after a workout helps you regain your energy quickly. This snack packs on the flavor with only 215 calories.

Hummus and Pita Bread

Hummus is made from chickpeas, which means it has both protein and carbohydrates. Pair it with a whole-wheat pita to help your body release energy slowly while it recovers from the workout. Stick to ¼ cup hummus and 1 whole-wheat pita to keep the snack hovering around 275 calories.

Turkey, Cheese, and Apple Slices

Turkey is a great source of lean protein that helps you repair your muscles after a tough session with your personal trainer. You can pair the turkey with some soft-cheeses to create your own deli wrap. Add some apple slices to get a little more carbs for energy. 4 ounces of deli turkey, 1 soft cheese wedge, and 1 apple only costs you 240 calories.

At Personal Training Institute, we want to help our clients learn the balance between nutrition and exercise. If you are looking to change your life and your body, we can help. To learn more, visit us online or call (520) 297-8280.

Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

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ThinkstockPhotos-75461481Before you begin working out at Personal Training Institute, you will meet with a personal trainer who evaluates your medical information and conducts a body fat analysis. Your personal trainer will then guide you through a 30-minute strength-training workout, which helps assess your fitness capabilities and limitations. To find a Tucson personal trainer who is the best fit for your personality and goals, it’s important to ask the right questions early on.

Level of experience

Determining your personal trainer’s level of experience and specialization is one of the most important steps in beginning a new training routine. For example, if you are a competitive athlete, you may not be interested in working with a trainer who specializes in rehabilitation. Instead, you will want to find someone who has a wider range of clients and more diverse experience. This ensures your personal trainer will be able to guide you through all stages of fitness, as your fitness goals will change as you progress.

Proper certification

Your personal trainer will help keep you motivated and hold you accountable. But, your trainer also needs to be highly knowledgeable in anatomy, exercise techniques, and proper form. You can ask your personal trainer about his or her education and whether or not he or she holds certification from an accredited organization, such as the American Council on Exercise or the National Academy of Sports Medicine. If your trainer holds a nationally recognized certification, it means he or she participates in required continuing education courses.

Passion for the profession

Asking your personal trainer what motivated him or her to join the field is a great way to get to know your trainer better. The answer should tell you how passionate he or she is about helping you reach your fitness goals.

Craig Jackson founded Personal Training Institute after deciding to change his life and lose more than 100 pounds in one year. Each of our personal trainers is certified internally and holds one or more national certifications. To learn more about personal training in Tucson, give us a call at (520) 297-8280.


Exercise Motivation May Be Genetic

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454405157Even though most people are well aware of the health benefits of exercise, some people seem to be slightly more motivated to hit the gym. For some people, poor health and jammed schedules are a common reason to avoid physical activity. But, research has begun to show that the motivation to make time for exercise may be partly genetic.

Research with twins

In an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers compared exercise habits between fraternal and identical adult twins. The participants wore activity monitors to track their movements, which helped determine their willingness to work out or sit all day. The results indicated that the twins shared exercise habits that couldn’t be explained by shared upbringing alone. However, the researchers remained unsure which genes are involved and how differences in gene activity could affect exercise habits.

Studies with animals

Continuing the study into exercise motivation, researchers at the University of Missouri began inter-breeding normal rats that had voluntarily decided to run on the laboratory wheels. While the most active rats were bred with one another, the least active rats were similarly bred together. This matching continued for several generations, until the researchers had two distinct rat groups. While one group would willingly spend hours running, the others would only briefly run.

Measures of brain activity

In the first experiments with the bred rats, researchers noted that certain genes created proteins triggering the young cells to mature. The brain cells that received the necessary chemical messages worked better in the rats that were bred to be active. Additionally, the portion of the brain responsible for reward processing didn’t function as effectively in the rats bred to not run. Conversely, scientists found that the rats bred to exercise had more mature neurons in this portion of the brain.

At Personal Training Institute, each of our Tucson personal training programs is customized to fit your exercise goals and needs. Our training was developed by an exercise physiologist and our nutrition program was created by a registered dietician. Call (520) 297-8280 to speak with a personal trainer in Tucson today.


Personal Training Programs with the Personal Training Institute

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ThinkstockPhotos-164928686Personal Training Institute wants everyone to have access to the personal training services they need to achieve their fitness goals. If you are interested in starting a journey toward a healthier lifestyle, keep reading to find out about the programs we offer.

Body Pro

This training program is designed to help you lose weight and get fitter. You can schedule up to three strength-training sessions a week and work with your own registered dietitian to figure out the best nutritional program to bring you the results you want. You can also use our cardio studio anytime you want during our facility hours.

Body Pro Complete

This program gives you three strength-training sessions and three coached-cardio sessions in a week to help to hold you accountable to your new fitness routine. You can also enjoy weekly nutrition consultations to ensure that this program is customized to your needs. If you need a lot of accountability to reach your fitness goals, this is the program for you.

Body Basic

This program offers two strength-training sessions in a week and a nutrition consultation every other week to help you figure out a personalized routine. If you have a very busy schedule or just need a little bit of help getting back into shape, this is the right program for you.

Student Fitness

Students can take advantage of the Body Pro and the Body Basic packages. We offer a special rate so they can work on their fitness while they are in school. Whether you want to increase endurance or lose weight, our personal training programs can help you do it.

Senior Fitness

Seniors can also enjoy personalized training programs. Our certified personal trainers and nutritionists work closely with seniors to create the right kind of program for them to maintain optimal health.

If you are ready to get in shape, come to Personal Training Institute. Our personal trainers and dietitian know what it takes to enjoy a healthy, fit physique. To learn more about our programs, call (520) 297-8280.

Working Out for Your Body Type

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ThinkstockPhotos-462578479Everyone’s body is different, which means that everyone requires different kind of exercises to enjoy the best results. Finding the right way to work out for your body type is a good way to get the physique that you want. Keep reading to find out how you can work out for your body type.

Pear Shaped

If you have a pear-shaped body, you do not want to put all of the focus on the lower body and neglect the upper body. You should do a combination of cardio and strength training. Focus more on the lower body with some movements like pushups that tone the muscles on the top as well.

Straight Shaped

If your body has very little curves, you can use your workout plan to add a little bit of shape to the waist and the glutes. Your workouts should be core-based to pull in your stomach and add the appearance of more curves. You should also focus on weight training to build up lean muscle mass around the glutes.

Curvy Shaped

People with curvy bodies should tone muscle all over the body and add some shapes to the arms and the legs. All-over muscle tone can help to accentuate the curves without adding too much bulk. Toning the extremities can also enhance your shape and keep your physique looking its best.

Athletic Shaped

If your body tends to be broader at the shoulders and more narrow at the hips, you want to do workouts that tighten the core and add a little bit of shape to the butt and the thighs. You should focus your workouts on abdominal movements and lower body exercises that put the finishing touches on your already athletic build.

Personal Training Institute is here to help you find the right kind of workout for your body type. Our personal trainers and nutritionist work closely with you to help you achieve your results. To learn more about our trainers and our programs, visit us online or call (520) 297-8280.