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Correcting Common Weight Training Mistakes Among Women

147533389Women are starting to hit the gym in record numbers. In fact, a new study found that weight-training injuries among women have increased by 63 percent, as reported in Womens Health Magazine. As a woman, if you’re looking to join the fitness world, it’s a good idea to work with a Tucson personal trainer to ensure you avoid some of the most common weight training mistakes.

Skipping the warm-up

Just as you wouldn’t launch into a sprint the second you get onto a treadmill, you also shouldn’t immediately engage in deadlifts the moment you enter the weight room. Targeting your muscles when they are still cold and stiff can actually lead to sprains and tears. Warming up ahead of time helps increase the circulation to your muscles, which will help improve your range of motion and prepare your muscles and joints for action.

Using poor form

The single most important factor in preventing injuries is using proper form. However, many female workers don’t consider form, especially when they are in a hurry. If you are a woman, then your naturally wider hips put you at a higher risk for form-related injuries than men. When you begin an exercise, think of the acronym “S.E.A.K.” This means you should stand straight, eyes on the horizon, abs tight, and knees over your second toe.

Stressing your shoulders

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, women who lift weights have less-stable shoulder joints than women who don’t lift. The reason is that weight lifting involves pulling your elbows behind your body, which can overstretch the connective tissue in the front of your joints. You can fix this mistake by ensuring your elbows don’t extend more than two inches behind your body and avoid positioning the bar over your head.

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