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Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

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ThinkstockPhotos-75461481Before you begin working out at Personal Training Institute, you will meet with a personal trainer who evaluates your medical information and conducts a body fat analysis. Your personal trainer will then guide you through a 30-minute strength-training workout, which helps assess your fitness capabilities and limitations. To find a Tucson personal trainer who is the best fit for your personality and goals, it’s important to ask the right questions early on.

Level of experience

Determining your personal trainer’s level of experience and specialization is one of the most important steps in beginning a new training routine. For example, if you are a competitive athlete, you may not be interested in working with a trainer who specializes in rehabilitation. Instead, you will want to find someone who has a wider range of clients and more diverse experience. This ensures your personal trainer will be able to guide you through all stages of fitness, as your fitness goals will change as you progress.

Proper certification

Your personal trainer will help keep you motivated and hold you accountable. But, your trainer also needs to be highly knowledgeable in anatomy, exercise techniques, and proper form. You can ask your personal trainer about his or her education and whether or not he or she holds certification from an accredited organization, such as the American Council on Exercise or the National Academy of Sports Medicine. If your trainer holds a nationally recognized certification, it means he or she participates in required continuing education courses.

Passion for the profession

Asking your personal trainer what motivated him or her to join the field is a great way to get to know your trainer better. The answer should tell you how passionate he or she is about helping you reach your fitness goals.

Craig Jackson founded Personal Training Institute after deciding to change his life and lose more than 100 pounds in one year. Each of our personal trainers is certified internally and holds one or more national certifications. To learn more about personal training in Tucson, give us a call at (520) 297-8280.


Exercise Motivation May Be Genetic

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454405157Even though most people are well aware of the health benefits of exercise, some people seem to be slightly more motivated to hit the gym. For some people, poor health and jammed schedules are a common reason to avoid physical activity. But, research has begun to show that the motivation to make time for exercise may be partly genetic.

Research with twins

In an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers compared exercise habits between fraternal and identical adult twins. The participants wore activity monitors to track their movements, which helped determine their willingness to work out or sit all day. The results indicated that the twins shared exercise habits that couldn’t be explained by shared upbringing alone. However, the researchers remained unsure which genes are involved and how differences in gene activity could affect exercise habits.

Studies with animals

Continuing the study into exercise motivation, researchers at the University of Missouri began inter-breeding normal rats that had voluntarily decided to run on the laboratory wheels. While the most active rats were bred with one another, the least active rats were similarly bred together. This matching continued for several generations, until the researchers had two distinct rat groups. While one group would willingly spend hours running, the others would only briefly run.

Measures of brain activity

In the first experiments with the bred rats, researchers noted that certain genes created proteins triggering the young cells to mature. The brain cells that received the necessary chemical messages worked better in the rats that were bred to be active. Additionally, the portion of the brain responsible for reward processing didn’t function as effectively in the rats bred to not run. Conversely, scientists found that the rats bred to exercise had more mature neurons in this portion of the brain.

At Personal Training Institute, each of our Tucson personal training programs is customized to fit your exercise goals and needs. Our training was developed by an exercise physiologist and our nutrition program was created by a registered dietician. Call (520) 297-8280 to speak with a personal trainer in Tucson today.