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Reasons to Workout with a Personal Trainer

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147533389Sometimes asking for help is the only way to get what you want. Anyone at any fitness level can benefit from working with a personal trainer. Keep reading to find how his one-on-one training can help you reach your fitness goals:

You Can Learn Proper Form

Whenever you do any kind of exercise, it is very important to practice the proper form. When you work with a personal trainer, you can learn how to do all of the exercises correctly so you reduce your risk for injury.

You Can Get Motivation

Some people have trouble motivating themselves to go to the gym and put in a solid workout. Working with a personal trainer helps you get that motivation to continue working toward your fitness goals. When you have someone to which you are accountable, it makes it much easier to keep going to the gym.

You Can Get Help Creating a Fitness Plan

After you work with a trainer for a few sessions, you and the trainer can start to develop a long-term fitness plan that puts you on the path toward achieving your goals. Even if your time with a trainer is short-term, it will provide you with huge benefits toward your goals.

You Can Push Past Your Limits

If you work out by yourself, you might not push yourself as hard as you can go. Your trainer helps you push past these mental limits and achieve new success in the gym. If you really want to see results in your physique, you should work with a personal trainer to get that extra push that you need.

Personal Training Institute is here to help you break past your plateaus and see the results you want. Our personal trainers can help you find the right way to work out to optimize your results and gain strength and stamina. To learn more about our fitness center and our personal trainers, visit us online or call (520) 297-8280.

Best Foods for Before and After a Workout

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453528615Nutrition is a huge part of a fitness routine. If you are not eating the right foods, you might not see the results you want from your efforts in the gym. Keep reading to get an idea of the best foods to eat before and after you workout:

Before: Bread and Fruit

Eating carbohydrates before you go to the gym gives your body the energy it needs to perform the movements. You want to eat a combination of simple and complex carbs to keep your body releasing energy throughout the workout. Try to eat a piece of whole grain toast with some banana to give your body the energy to make it through your workout.

After: Protein and Vegetables

As your muscles start to go into recovery mode, it is important to give them the fuel they need to heal. Make a dish of protein and vegetables to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients your body need to start getting slimmer and stronger. This simple meal will not pack on the calories but it will help you see big changes in your body.

Before: Calcium and Fruit and Nuts

If you are planning to do a major cardio session like a long run, you should snack on some Greek yogurt with some trail mix. The combination of calcium, healthy fats, and natural sugars energize your body and help you go the distance.

After: Vegetables and Eggs

Reward yourself after a good workout with a delicious veggie omelet enhanced with avocado. This meal gives you protein, fiber, and monosaturated fats to help your body function at its best.

The staff at Personal Training Institute is here to help you figure out how to achieve your fitness goals. Our personal trainers and nutrition experts can work with you to determine the best way to see the results that you want. To learn more about our training services, visit us online or call (520) 297-8280.