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How to Eat For Weight Loss

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I had a great discussion today with a friend and potential client regarding habits and nutrition. We were discussing good habits for weight loss. I was talking about eating slowly and stopping before full. The discussion grew about eating slowly. My friend noted that when he gives his do a scrap of meat; the dog inhales it and is immediately looking for more. I lot of us eat that way. We eat like it is a contest to finish first. That is disastrous for weight loss. On the other hand, a cat given the same scrap will often take it away and play with it, then eat a little and really chew a lot and savor it and then go back and eat some more. That is a much better way to eat.

Put out a dog’s food for the day and often it will go and inhale it all and then later in the day it is looking for more. Conversely, a cat will leave its food and come back when it wants more throughout the day. The cat enjoys its food and the dog inhales it.

When it comes to eating; eat more like a cat and less like a dog. However when it comes to activity; get out there and play fetch and chase like a dog! Don’t just lay on the back of the sofa in the sun like a cat!