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Dietary Displacement…for kids and yourself!

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Use the “plants first” option. If kids want a treat, they have to have a piece of fruit or a vegetable first. Most of the time, after they finish a banana or an apple, or have chewed their way through some baby carrots, they’ve forgotten about the other thing. This will work for you as well. Got a craving that you know is not the best choice? Veggies first!

Healthy Eating Advice

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If a food is in your house or possession, either you, someone you love, or someone you marginally tolerate, will eventually eat it.

If a healthy food is in your house or possession, either you, someone you love, or someone you marginally tolerate, will eventually eat it.

Keep healthy stuff near you and convenient. Make your routines and environment support your Lean Eating journey.

Keep unhealthy stuff away from you and inconvenient. Make it hard for unhealthy stuff to get to you.

Best Weight Loss Tips

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So what if there were two tools that you could take with you anywhere that would help you lose weight? What if they didn’t cost anything? Sound interesting? Are you in? Well, here are two habits that will definitely help you lose weight intuitively: Eat slowly and Stop when you are no longer hungry. I know there both do not sound that impactful but trust me when I say they are. Trust me when I also say they are both difficult habits to master. Do not try to do both of these at the same time right out of the shoot. You will fail miserably with both. Start with eating slowly and work on that for several weeks, then add in stoping when you are no longer hungry. Let’s look at both of these individually.

Eat Slowly

Have you ever met a friend that you have not seen in a while at a familiar restaurant? Often you find yourself order what you normally do but because you are talking with your friend you find that you are no longer hungry before you finish the dish. What happened here is that you ate slowly enough that your satiety mechanisms were able to kick in and stop you from over eating. It takes 20-25 minutes for our satiety mechanisms to kick in. If we are eating quickly, we can pack down a lot of food before we know we are full. Keep in mind it doesn’t matter where, what  or with whom you are eating; you can always eat slowly. Focus on this for every meal for the next two to three weeks and see what happens!

Stop eating when no longer hungry (80%full)

What does this mean? Most of us are never far from something to eat. We are not going to go weeks until we kill our next meal. Yet for some reason we often eat like we may never see another morsel. The key here is after each bite to ask yourself: Am I still hungry? This is not the same as can I squeeze in one more bite! If you are no longer feeling hunger, stop eating. If you get hungry in an hour or two, eat something more. The key here is recognizing what real hunger is and only eating when you are hungry.

Both of these are very powerful habits. If you take the time to really get these habits hammered down you will be amazed at the effect it will have on your body!