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Lesson 3 Find Something to Lose

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Lesson 3: Find something to lose.

Throughout our body transformation, we need to be help accountable. There has to be something at stake, something to lose if we don’t follow through or if we quit early.

The harder it is to quit, the easier it is to succeed.

Raise the stakes and put something at risk to keep you going.

Lesson 2 Find a Big Motivator

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Time for lesson 2: Find a Big Motivator.

We have all heard that to make a big change, motivation must come from inside. That is absolutely TRUE! We all need a “reason why” – a real purpose and a sense of why losing fat and getting in shape is important to us.

This is why I spend so much time during our trials to uncover my clients real motivation. It is important to keep yourself on track and it is important for us to know what your motivations are so that we can use them to help you. You need to have a big personal motivator to push you into action. We can’t make big body composition changes for anyone other than ourselves.

Take away: What is your big motivation? How can you make it even bigger? Tell your friends, your family and your trainers you motivations and they will be able to support you even more!

Lessons for Changing Your Body for Real This Year

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As we head into 2013 I would like to give everyone some good advice in the form of lessons when it come to changing one’s body.

Today we start with Lesson 1: When most people think about losing weight or getting in shape, they think about exercise. They sign up for a gym ,hire a trainer, or grab a book or magazine to find a workout plan. While exercise is a crucial part of losing weigh and getting healthy, I would say that it is not the most important piece.

Research shows that with exercise alone you can expect to lose only about half to a pound of fat per month. That is less than inspiring if you ask me.

So if exercise alone get such unimpressive results, what does work? Simple! Focusing on nutrition and eating habits. With a program that combines both nutrition coaching and an exercise program like we do at PTI, you can expect to lost up to 5 times more fat in the same month.

At PTI we spend a lot of time coaching nutrition. We have a dedicated nutritionist on staff that is available to everyone. If you ask all our successful clients what they attribute most of their success to, I believe the majority would tell you the changes they made with their nutrition. This one detail makes a huge difference in the kind of results our clients get. Of course, you can’t ignore exercise. Which is why all of our clients receive one on one attention from our awesome trainers. We have trainers all kinds of life experience and they bring that knowledge to bear to help you reach your goals.

When it comes to losing fat and getting in shape, we know how important it is to spend time and resources helping clients with their nutrition and eating habits.

In a nutshell: Yes, you should exercise. But you must but nutrition first to make real change.